Building - Optimizing - Transferring

Building an art collection requires vision, conceptual planning and decisions. Do you want to invest in art or do you need support for enlarging your collection?

Collecting art builds assets: How can you transfer your collection equitable to your heirs? Profit from my preparatory planning: Inventorying and valuating your collecting facilates your decision.

With my collection management knowledge, I can provide you with answers to your questions.

My services include:

  • Advice of combining budget and art preferences
  • Art fairs: support and attendance (TEFAF, Art Basel, Art Cologne - Karlsruhe - Berlin - Düsseldorf etc.)
  • Cataloguing and evaluating art collections
  • Assessing opportunities to buy or sell art
  • Advice on price negotiation
  • Access to my network of international art professionals and restorers